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徐佳莹 - 沒有第三者的分手Live
  • 薛之谦 - 绅士
  • 'N SYNC - POP
  • 吴克群 - 大舌头
  • 邓紫棋 - 天空沒有极限 feat. 五月天
  • TOTAL DEFENCE 40 - Carry Forth The Fire
  • 戴佩妮 - 两难
  • 范晓萱 - 我要我們在一起
  • 张齐山ZQS - 这是你期盼的长大吗
  • 家家 - 家家酒 [《极品绝配》片尾曲]


This radio station aims to bring entertainment, music and information to benefit the listeners from Singapore. It is on air every day, for 24 hours with a variety of programs and presenters.


5 Depot Road Defence Technology Towers, Tower B 12-04 , Singapore
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