Radio Y.E.S.

93.3 FM

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魏嘉莹 - 要怎么告诉你我多喜欢  ft. 理想混蛋 鸡丁Live
  • 林俊杰 - 最好是
  • 阿肆[+]徐佳莹 - 尽管如此,还是 (新歌)
  • 高美贵[+]LEON LIM[+]黄艺萱Sherly - 组曲: 开始懂了+变化+爱是怀疑 (SPOP艺起唱)
  • 王宗介 - 星光降落
  • 五月天 - 好好 (想把你写成一首歌)
  • 韦礼安 - 如果可以 - 【月老】电影主题曲
  • LARA梁心颐[+]陈势安 - 再也沒有你
  • 张远 - 嘉宾
  • 方大同 - 无菇朋友


This is a popular radio station located in Singapore. Yes 933 broadcasts in Chinese, one of the official languages of the country. Its team of professionals includes Ning, Zhong Kunhua, Cai Weibin, Jeff, Xiao Jiahui, Cruz Teng, Lin Pei Fen and Xie.

Main DJs

  • Seah Kar Huat
  • Lin Pei Fen
  • Cruz Teng
  • Jeff
  • Cai Wei Bin
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