Radio Y.E.S.

93.3 FM

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莫文蔚 - 慢慢喜欢你Live
  • 阎奕格 - 也可以
  • 张远 - 嘉宾
  • 孙燕姿 - 我怀念的(Live)
  • 吴克群 - 男佣 (Live)
  • S.H.E - SHERO (Live)
  • 张惠妹 - 都什么时候了 (Live)
  • 品冠 - 我不难过 (Live)
  • 郁可唯 - 路过人间 (Live)


This is a popular radio station located in Singapore. Yes 933 broadcasts in Chinese, one of the official languages of the country. Its team of professionals includes Ning, Zhong Kunhua, Cai Weibin, Jeff, Xiao Jiahui, Cruz Teng, Lin Pei Fen and Xie.

Main DJs

  • Seah Kar Huat
  • Lin Pei Fen
  • Cruz Teng
  • Jeff
  • Cai Wei Bin
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