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五月天 - 疯狂世界Live
  • 陈奕迅 - 阴天快乐
  • 蔡依林 - 花蝴蝶
  • 邓紫棋 - 你不是真正的快乐
  • 林凡 - 五天几年
  • 丁当 - 一半
  • 林俊杰 - 豆浆油条
  • 熊天平 - 雪候鸟
  • 徐佳莹 - 一样的月光
  • 范玮琪 - 到不了


This is a Chinese radio station located in Singapore. It is part of SPH Radio Pte Ltd and has been on air since 2001. Its programming focuses mostly on music contents. Some of its most popular professionals are Ye Limei, Lin Liang Quan, Zhang Ying, Li Xin Ying and many others.


UFM 1003, Singapore
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